I teach economics in high school and at a local junior college.  I have returned to blogging from several years hiatus.  I intend to focus primarily on issues of economics, interspersed with commentary on foreign affairs and policy.  

I read extensively on areas including ancient and military history, philosophy, and economics.  My political/philosophical influences would include: Aristotle, Locke, Rand, Hayek, et al.  Ever since I picked up Road to Serfdom as a freshman in college (on my own, much to my professors’ dismay!!) I never looked back.

Philosophically, I recognize the following inalienable truths:

  1. Man is free: to think , to act, to be.
  2. Man is rational and thinking, and only he alone knows what is in his best interest.
  3. Man is free to interact with whomever he pleases, for whatever purpose.
  4. Property is man’s to do with as he pleases.
  5. A free man and his property are the only source of prosperity.
  6. Government’s sole purpose to protect man’s freedom and property.
  7. Actions by a government that limit freedom and destroy property are evil.
  8. Group identity, collective thought, or determinism is contradictory to human nature.
  9. Profit and material gain in pursuit of personal happiness is the greatest good, both individually and for society.
  10. Free market capitalism, free trade and mutual beneficial exchange is the natural order, and it is only altered by state force.  

I have a BA in Economics from Sonoma State and a MA in Education from Cal State Northridge.  Outside of academics and intellectual pursuits, I spend my free time fishing.  My passions are light tackle surf fishing including fly fishing, and coastal kayak fishing.  Expect the serious posts to be occasionally interrupted with fishing posts.

I have been teaching high school for thirteen years and at the community college for two.  Soon I will begin an EdD program, at a school to be determined shortly.

The obvious duality of my professional life juxtaposed to my personal philosophy might be a disqualifying factor.  I disagree.  It is not the circumstances of one’s position, but rather the understanding of them that makes the difference.  I, unlike so many with whom I work, harbor no misconceptions about my employment: wages, conditions, et al.  

Sometimes earlier in life we make decisions that later in life we cannot alter, and we must sometimes accept the internal discord which arises.  It is not a contradiction, but a revelation.


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