Government kills

Britain is Freezing to Death

Dot Gibson, spokeswoman for pressure group the National Pensioners’ Convention, said: “Now that we have one of the coldest winters, older people are going to have to make the unenviable decision whether or not to put the heating on. The Government should guarantee that they won’t cut the winter fuel allowance.”

Governments and central planning kill.  This is a result of the global warming lie and attempts to regulate carbon emissions.  The government has forced Britons to endure misery in the name of socialist utopian dreams.

In a free market, entrepreneurs would surely have foreseen an increased demand, would have invested, and now would be able to provide the necessary heat.  Instead, they were prohibited from doing that and now the result is government sponsored death.

But the good news is that now, blanket and jacket manufacturers will see a stimulus!!


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