Taking back

Ah, I hear that often nowadays.  Seems Republicans are clamoring to “take back” Congress, America, hell, possibly even the solar system.  Who knows?

Consider the source.  This is the same group that (yeah, I know, they’re different this time.  Yeah, sure…) took over congress and soon afterwards began a massive spending spree.  They are equally culpable for the housing bubble, not to mention the ballooning deficits, medicare prescription drug program, a federal takeover of education, and massive expansion of federal law enforcement powers in the name of fighting terror, just to name a few.

So perhaps “take” is the right word for this group of statists.  They take all the same, just different things from different people.  Government is all about taking property and liberty through force.  Don’t expect any curtailment of government from them.  Oh sure, they’ll talk a good game, but are any proposing dismantling any federal agencies, departments, or bureaus?  Didn’t think so.

There’s several hundred to pick from, it can’t be that hard.

Maybe they mean from “special interests”?  Perhaps.  But what exactly is a special interest?  Well, my guess is anyone whose life or livelihood is or is potentially impacted by government policy.  Of course, those who live off the government take, or at least do their criminal deed under the aegis of the state.  Those too who seek favors take.  Any policy beneficiary takes.

Maybe they simply mean from the democrats?  That is obviously correct.  But did the democrats take Congress?  No.  They were all lawfully and duly elected.  The democrats are actually better than republicans, not because they’re less statist, in fact it’s quite the opposite, it’s just that they’re up front and honest about it.  So, at least there’s no mystery, shock, or disappointment.

Maybe we should start by asking who exactly has control of America, who “took” it in the first place.  Well, hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but nobody took America.  What happened was “the people”, in tribute to the false god democratus universalus, gave.  We gave government the power to steal, to annoy, to harass, to redistribute.  It is simply one group voting to take the possessions of another.

You can’t take what does not belong to you, and in “taking back” anything, the republicans do show their true colors.  They are not lovers of liberty, believers in limited government, free markets, non-intervention, and peace.  Trading republicans for democrats is simply trading one group of thieves for another.  I find no comfort there.

I’d simply prefer their slogan be “give back”, as in give back to the individual his liberty to contract and trade mutually, voluntarily, as he see fit, according to the terms he decides are beneficial.  Give back to him the property rights he has lost, so that his property is his to do with as he pleases.  Give back the natural liberty all men are born with, so that he fears not the state, that his life is so removed from policy and legal contrivances.

Give at the government level implies take, meaning theft.  We know it presently asthe government taking from one and giving to another.  However, give is proper here as liberty has been taken.  The only difference is that in this instance, it will be given back, returned to its rightful owner.  A rare occurrence indeed.

So, as long as any politician’s or party’s motto has the word “take” in it, one thing is certain: they will never get my vote.

And come to think about it, maybe give isn’t so good either.  How about “return”?  How about return: to the gold standard and sound banking, limited government, and true constitutional principles;  to free markets and free trade; our property rights and liberty.

It’ll never happen for sure, as when take is all you know, it’s all you do.  One can dream though!!


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