All that’s wrong

Howard Kurtz writes about the “The Velma Moment“.

But, as usual, the statists just don’t get it.

She was “exhausted” at defending Obama. She voted for a man “who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. … And I’m waiting, sir, I’m waiting.” She and her husband thought they were “well beyond the hot dogs and beans era of our lives.” And then, the final blow, to which she demanded an honest answer: “Is this my new reality?”

Of course he wouldn’t get it.  He is of the mindset that the state ought to intervene, can create wealth by fiat, or fiat currency.  He is a believer in policy driven economy.

And neither would she.  She represents, though she is woefully unaware, the overtaxed, over-regulated, over-burdened, victims of government force and theft.  Of all those who’ve felt the oppressive hand of the state, surely none more than blacks (Mrs. Hart is African-America, though it matters not at all as far as economics is concerned) understand this.  Yet, here she stands, asking how the state is going to help her.

This is all that’s wrong with our country today – those who believe it is through policy alone that people’s lives can be improved.  She asks for more, instead of the obvious, which is less.  Much less.

She’s defended: takeovers of auto manufacturers, banks, financial institutions, health care; bailouts, trillion and a half dollar deficits, doubling of the debt; thuggish behavior from Justice; massive inflation of the money supply (Yes, I know, that’s redundant.  But for those less knowledgable in Austrian economic thought, inflation is an increase in the money supply.  Higher prices are the result. ), debasement of the currency, higher taxes;  greater intervention into the economy; and a level of uncertainty that scares businesses mightily.

Not to mention, an escalation of the war and continuation of policies (Guantanamo, rendition, et al.) that Obama decried as shredding of the constitution.

As long as people look to politicians and the state for their livelihood and for solutions to life’s problems, we will only head further, and faster, towards the road to serfdom.

People put their hopes and faith and dreams into a man whose resume could fit on a 3×5 index card, with room to spare.  A man whose clear objective, if one took even a moments notice, was to steal and redistribute.

“Quite frankly,” Hart later told CNN, “I thought my question would set the platform for a response that would almost be, oh I don’t know, whimsical, magical, very powerful.”

And there you have it.  What exactly were you expecting?

Keep waiting.  It’ll only get worse.


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