Policy driven economy #5

Maybe not exactly a specific policy, but on a whim, I decided to google “list of federal regulatory agencies” and, well, let’s take a look here and here.

If I were to post the entire list, it would go on forever.  There are many hundreds of bureaus, agencies, departments, administrations, offices, services, councils, centers, etc.

The next time anyone, charlatan economists who moonlight for major metropolitan newspapers, political pundits, or politicians, tells you that we need more regulation, that free markets and lack of oversight caused this or that calamity, simply show them this.

There is nary an activity that is not over regulated and micro managed at the federal level.  There is no sector of the economy free from government intervention.  There is nothing too small for the government to meddle into.

We get stuck on the large – taxes, health care, banks, autos – but overlook the vast amount of the small.  The state truly is the enemy of freedom, and the above list only proves it.

What we ought to conclude is the power of the market, not to function because of, but in spite of, the massive interference.

How do we “solve” our current situation?  Simply by doing less.  Much less.  Or, in the words of John Galt, when asked about the all the government workers, “Fire them all”.


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