Will the pilot’s license be renewed?

Helicopter Ben might not get his license renewed.

That’s good news, except that anyone else dear leader appoints is probably gonna turn on the spigots even more.

Love this quote:

“The American people are disgusted with the greed and recklessness of Wall Street,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said in an interview with The Associated Press last month. “People are asking, ‘Why didn’t the Fed intervene at the appropriate time to stop the casino-type activities of large financial companies?'”

Bernie, got some news for you.  The Fed DID intervene.  It caused the casino-type activities.  Furthermore, it was sold as wealth creating.  Turns out, it was the opposite.

Now, don’t think Bernie is an Austrian or leans that way.  He’s a self-described socialist so wealth creation is only what comes from government spending, and wealth confiscation is the means.  But, at least he’s aware of the dangers of the Fed.  Is he aware of the dangers of fiat currency?


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