No glory in the bay state

Yes, the seat that belonged to a monstrous thief for half a century, the seat that stole more wealth, massively grew leviathan, expanded the evil hand of the state into every aspect of people’s lives and in general, was the avowed enemy of liberty lovers everywhere, was given to a man who will specifically vote against the takeover our our heath.  Good.  Even the people of Massachusetts, the most left leaning state in the Union, have reached the breaking point.

However, there is no glory in this “victory”.

State Senator Scott Brown’s campaign became national, attracting the money and support of million around the country.  Is that democracy?  Perhaps.  Is that good?  Hardly.

Perhaps it was in essence a referendum on the administration, and in that, if the verdict in Mass is 52-47 (not accounting for the ACORN factor which adds +5% to democrats), then nationally, one can figure that it’s it’s probably 3-1 against.  Okay, there’s “hope” for the nation.

Popular election of senators was a cornerstone of Progressive Era politics.  That Scott Brown relied on a nationalization of his election only serves to undermine constitutional republican ideals.  For does he not owe his seat to “the people” and thus his allegiance?

Senators were to be representatives of the states to the federal government.  A resident of California, Ohio, or even neighboring Rhode Island, ought to have no interest in who Massachusetts send to the senate.  Likewise, a senator from Massachusetts ought to have no impact to residents on California, Ohio, or Rhode Island.

In nationalizing a state election, it only expands the democratic goals of the progressives, and empowers Washington DC.  Every senator is in essence a national office holder, rather than a state representative making the Senate close to a national assembly.  And it’s safe to say the last “National Assembly” wasn’t too friendly to limited government or individual liberty.

My satisfaction that the takeover of health care might have been dealt a fatal blow is tempered by the means by which it occurred.


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