Force, Force, and only Force

I’m not usually going to play the blog linking/analyzing game, but this one ought to be addressed as it is entirely what this administration is about.

Ann Althouse, law professor and blogger extraordinaire, writes in response to Martha Coakley’s abortion response:

She’s a lawyer, and she ought to know that Roe v. Wade — along with other abortion cases — does not require services. There is a world of difference between having a right to do something and having the power to make other people do things for you as you try to exercise that right. If you don’t know the difference between those two things, you don’t understand how rights work. Other people have rights too. Refusing to perform an abortion is not a violation of the constitutional right to privacy.

Now Ann I’m sure is a brilliant legal scholar and certainly (as she voted for the guy!!) was too smart to be deluded by dear leader’s eloquence and circumlocutions.

It’s always in those rare moments when one is caught off guard does the real truth become evident.  Dear leader’s “spread the wealth” was an obvious one.  This one too.

See, what this administration believes entirely in is force.  It’s a modern and gentler version of Rousseau’s “forced to be free” but nonetheless, force and compulsion.  If you choose not to have health insurance, you’ll be forced to anyways.  If you refuse to perform abortions, you’ll be forced to.

You “have a right” to a house, health care, a job, etc., and others will be forced to provide these for you.  So, unless she’s been living under a rock or is choosing to be willfully ignorant of dear leader’s intentions, then for them the right to abortion means forcing others to perform one, even if against their conscience.

There used to be a time when the left would have riled against such gross abuses of power.  Now they champion them.


One Response to Force, Force, and only Force

  1. Sunny Dee says:

    Very interesting! Thank you for jumping on the reply and offering your perspective.

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