Support for a child rapist

Look, common sense and basic humanity should make it clear that any adult who drugs and rapes a young teenage girl should be dealt with in the harshest of manners.  In fact, if there is any reason at all for a state, it is precisely this.  For, without a state, such matters if left to the public at large, would be dealt with in ways that might make Atilla look pacific.

On second though, I guess I might prefer that option.

But in reality, this is a perfect case for the proper role of government, the protection of property rights.  And the support for a rapist by the Hollywood “elite” should come as no surprise.  They (and this is a generalization for sure, but it’s close) by and large are leftists who support state intervention and massive theft and redistribution.  They have very little if any respect for property rights (save their precious “intellectual property”.  Just try, I dare you, just try and make an “illegal” copy of their movies!!).

There is no more distinct property, and right to full freedoms and protection of such, than one’s physical body.  And those rights don’t instantly appear on one’s 18th birthday, or at any other time.  They exist, fully and completely, at birth.

For a man to destroy the property of another, in actuality to take the property of another, is wholly in line with the general political philosophy of the left.  It’s Utopian communism, be it Platonic, Moore’s Utpoia, Bentham, or Marx.  It’s all the same, what’s yours is mine.  (Not always though what’s mine is yours.  If nothing describes the left, it is blatant hypocrisy.  Note: I don’t use “liberal”, that is reserved for true liberals.  Leftists are nothing even close.)

I completely understand the support for the child rapist recently arrested.  They despise the notion of property rights, so how on earth could he have done anything wrong.  And this alone is the greatest reason why property rights much be foremost among our concerns, for without full and total respect for property, then raping a child becomes permissible.

Think that’s absurd?  Why else would so many sign a list seeking his release?


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