Tea for two…million that is

I was amazed by the tea party over the weekend.  Estimates are that over two million people were at the rally in DC, plus many thousands attended other local rallies across the country.  It has certainly taken the political establishment by storm.

What is shocking to the establishment is that the protesters are demanding nothing.  Nothing that is as far as theft and redistribution are concerned.  It is heartening indeed to see people demand their government NOT do, as opposed to the usual.

This is going to come as a shock to all of the DC contingent, with the exception of one very brave and wise man in the House.  But the people do not want socialism in any of its various forms, do not want them to steal from others, do not want them to intervene into any or all sectors of the economy.

I am well aware that many probably don’t want the mortgage interest deduction revoked, even if it meant a simple flat tax.  I’m opposed to the flat tax, or any income tax.  I doubt many there would wish the income tax abolished.  Some of the leading voices against obamacare are on medicare, i.e. already on socialized medicine.  And I doubt many in attendance would want the % of dollars spent on medicine by government, already at 46%, to be none at all, which is what I feel is necessary and propert.

But, it is a grand start.  Many see the disaster looming along with the disaster already under way.  Many support the auditing of the Fed, perhaps even it’s dissolution.

If two million were there, a conservative estimate would probably be that for every one present, another 10 feel similarly.  Or more.

Tu ne cede malis – Never give in to evil

sed contra audentior ito – But proceed ever more boldly against it

The Mises family of scholars have worked diligently for a long time.  Though few there were I’d gather truly informed of the Austrian school’s work (just pick up ANY high school or college economics text.  Is there any mention at all of Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, et al. or the ABCT?  No.) , the ideas are getting to them.

Once I explained, regarding the American revolution, that it wasn’t the taxes that were the real issue.  No, the citizens in Britain were paying more than we were.  It was something deeper that the taxes represented.  They demonstrated to the colonists that they were being taxed by a foreign government.

The thing with the colonists was that by the mid 18th century, most people living in the colonies had buried their parents here and given birth to their children here.  In fact, for most of the people, they nor their parents had ever set foot in Britain.  They for the most part no longer saw themselves as “British”, not in the sense that one generally assumes.

By the mid 18th century, the colonies had almost full autonomy.  There was very little real British intervention or oversight.  So, the alliance or relationship, was an easy one.  But, the fragile sinews were easily broken.

Thus too the case today.  We are still the nation of producers, individuals, risk takers.  We are still a nation, who at its core, believes in liberty and property.  Maybe not as we did, or as we ought to, but it’s there.  And maybe too many today feel that they have a right to another’s property.

I don’t think the battle’s been won, and certainly not the war.  Far too many sat idly by as leviathan grew, incrementally, massively, destructively, and inexorably.  Far too many were complacent for too long.

Is there time to turn it around, to restore free markets, sound money, property rights, and ultimately, liberty?

I hope not.


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