So long, and good riddance

So it is not polite to speak ill of the dead.  I’ll just accept that I’m not too polite then.

Senator Kennedy is gone.  He was a disgraceful man, a prime example of all that is wrong in our political system.  He was praised as a “master politician”, as if that’s supposed to be a compliment.  It is a damnable trait.

He was good at one thing: theft.  His accomplishments were simply to dramatically increase the power of leviathan, to forcibly transfer the wealth and productivity of the creators to the parasites.  He didn’t stand up for the oppressed, he oppressed.  He didn’t fight for the little guy, he abused the little guy.

The little guy: the shopkeeper, the entrepreneur, the risk taker, the individual with a dream to create.

Focus has been on the lady he killed, or left to die, whichever one prefers.  But, that was the epitome of his attitude towards Americans in general.  His contempt for them was without equal.  For him, Washington could do wahtever it pleased, that pesky Constitution just a mere piece of paper.

And hypocrisy?  Typical of the elite leftist today, he “loved” the environment, but damned if anyone’s going to build wind farms of his cape.

Forget all you will read about him.  Quite simply, he was power hungry, self-serving, egotistical, maniacal man.  He would have fit in quite well in the imperial Roman senate: drunken, lusting for power.

Good riddance.


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