I will go there

Call them death panels or something less ominous sounding such as “end of life counseling”, it really doesn’t matter.  The absolute truth is that dear leader’s health care scheme WILL absolutely, totally, completely, and undeniably ration care.  It has no option otherwise.  Doing so would violate the most basic laws of economics, laws which are as immutable as they are sacrosanct.

But lest anyone think that it is only health care that must be rationed, it is true for ALL goods, ALL resources.  To use this space to explain the best, and only, way to effectively allocate those scarce resources is through complete freedom of the pricing mechanism in the free market would be analogous to using this space to explain gravity.

What makes this scheme so pernicious and so evil, is that it is the state that will force this rationing.  And yes, they will be forced to do so based on (since price is completely out of the equation) who most “needs” the care.  And why not?

Wouldn’t a 25 year old be more “worthy” of an organ transplant than a 65 year old?  Surely, the tax revenue that will (be stolen) come in from the younger will far more beneficial to society than the monies expended on the elderly.

So, what we’re going to see is cost/benefit decisions based purely on what is in society’s best interest, not the individual’s.  And when you do that, what do you have?

Lebensunwertes leben

Yes, I will go there.

See, you cannot do what happened there without the masses of people believing it.  They did, and it happened.  It happened precisely because they were led to believe, long before “he” came to power, eg. Hegel, Neitchse, Fichte, Treistche, et al., that this was not only right and proper, but necessary.  What “he” said was merely a recitation of, and reaffirmation of, preexisting popular will.

The uproar we are currently seeing and hearing, if for nothing else, reaffirms my deep beliefs that we are a unique people with an attachment to life, the sanctity and dignity of humanity, and respect for the individual’s worth.  Regardless our past indiscretions and failings, we are a good and just people.  Thankfully, oh so thankfully, the blood of Locke and Hume and Burke is still flowing.

That the benighted in Washington are in such opposition, and the manner in which they have lashed out against them, only serves as testament to their inhumanity.


2 Responses to I will go there

  1. Confused says:

    So…are you suggesting that rationing care based on wealth (the system we have now) would be better than need (the system being debated)?

    And to imply that the current system is based on an individual’s best interest is folly, unless that individual is the CEO of a private insurance conglomerate.

    Furthermore, your example of an organ transplant indicates that you know very little of current organ policy or the mechanisms through which that is changed.

  2. Mark says:

    Your body is worth $1 to $5 million to the organ harvesting industry, big pharma and transplant center hospitals. Getting you into the organ harvesting industry has never been easier.

    If you live in one of the 37 states or the District of Columbia that has already adopted the 2006 Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, it is presumed that you are an organ donor unless they can find information contrary to their assumptions. This change was made expressly to increase the supply of organs, tissue and body parts so that the $20 Billion in annual revenues for organ related medical services could keep growing.

    Brain death and donation after cardiac arrest for as little as 75 seconds is becoming the standard in hospitals to start the organ harvesting process.

    Removing your name from any list or erasing your consent from your driver’s license means absolutely nothing under the 2006 version of the act.

    Even if you have a written Advance Healthcare Directive that forbids the use of machines to keep your body alive, they can do so as long as they are talking to your family to give consent to start the organ harvesting procedure.

    If you don’t express a preference on organ harvesting, your family has to make the decision. Organ Procurement Organizations and Tissue Banks have to follow your instructions if you register your preferences with a known donor registry.

    Unfortunately, no state that has adopted the 2006 UAGA has a state donor registry that allows you to register as a “no” or allows donation on condition of just compensation to your family or estate.

    If you are one of the estimated 10% of Americans who does not support organ harvesting, you can register your objection and explore your options under the law at http://www.DoNotTransplant.com.

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