At least he’s honest

Tax the Wealthy to Keep Everyone Healthy

But to say out loud, as the House has just done, that those in our society who can most readily afford it should pay for the health insurance of those who cannot is, well, audacious.

But there’s no reason to suppose that taking a tiny sliver of the incomes …

Robert Reich is a leftist I can at least respect.  He makes no bones about what he believes ought to be.  Force, coercion, and theft are are perfectly acceptable to him.

There’s only one problem:

According to the most recent data (for 2007), the best-off 1 percent of American households take home about 20 percent of total income

They do not take.  They earn.  The only taking is done by government, through force.

Professor Reich, I do not have a right to your property, wealth, or product.  Period.


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