What better way to demoralize

when your own children are your spies

Belly of the Beast

Robert Higgs’ book Crisis and Levithan details perfectly that any time there’s a “crisis”, be it a threat from an enemy or economic, the size, scope, and power of government grows.  Yes indeed it does.

Now, Linda Douglass, one of the O’s henchmen, er, henchwomen,  wants you to spy on your neighbors.

They are trying to take over the largest sector of the economy, hot on the heels of taking over the automobile industry.  They are trying to force down extreme environmental policies that will stifle growth and prosperity, and they have admitted that now taxing the “middle class” is on the table.  They are running two trillion dollar deficits, going to double the debt in less than 8 years, and used a “stimulus” to send billions to political cronies.

So now, they have to manufacture the crisis.  Apparently the Tea Party folks who just want to voice their opinion a a “mob” and “vigilantes”.  It gets even better.  People who are voicing an opinion against socialism are now in need of watching and reporting to the White House.

This administration is quickly making the Bush administration look like downright meek and tepid.

The more public opinion turns against O and his socialism the more they will resort to anything.  Nothing is clearer than the current meme of the “birthers”.  The republicans are being tarred as if it’s official RNC policy, yet nothing is further from the truth.  (Now, don’t mistake this as any sort of defense of the republicans.  Quite the opposite.  But, this is straight out of Alinsky’s playbook.)  They are taking a falsity and making it true by repetition and insinuation.

Typical behavior of dictators.


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