Grand bargain means theft

Just google it

The O wants us to concede to some “grand bargain” which means everyone has to “sacrifice”.  Well, everyone except leviathan.

Now we see what this means: more taxes, more regulation, more giving up our freedoms.  They’re even talking now about middle class tax increases because they’re willing to do whatever is necessary…

No, they’re not willing to cut spending, to stop stealing from the producers, to stop giving the parasites the stolen property.  They’ve decided that if you like your health care, too bad, you’ll get what the government thinks is appropriate care.  If you have a “Cadillac plan” (ironic no, that Cadillac is a government motors car now!!) they’re going to tax it.  If you already have health insurance (of course, it really isn’t insurance at all but cost shifting ) too bad, they’re going to tax it too.  They will tax and tax, steal and steal, and give it all away.

Never in their wildest dreams would actually curtailing spending ever enter into the picture.

The O’s grand bargain is simply theft on a scale that never before seen.  Well, actually it has been seen before, in the 20th century.  Lenin and Mao come to mind.


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