Four lane superhighway to serfdom

And there’s even a phone number, in case you

Need urgent help? Contact the Homeowner’s HOPE™ Hotline: (888) 995-HOPE

How nice, the phone number ends in HOPE.  I wonder how they ever thought of that.  Man, those government people sure are clever.  Imagine if they put all that talent into, I don’t know, producing something of wealth and value.

I have some simple suggestions of how to make homes affordable.

  1. end land use regulations, open space preserves, and all the frivolous environmental lawsuits that add years to a construction project and countless dollars in extra legal costs.
  2. eliminate regulations that specify how and what kind of homes builders must build.  That is a matter for builder and buyer alone.
  3. stop printing the money that created the housing bubble, which drove up the price of homes to astronomical levels
  4. end tax laws that encourage risky, speculative borrowing.  A home is a purchase like any other good.
  5. end the disastrous policy (which has full bipartisan support.  Note: bipartisan is a clear indication that whatever it is is a monstrosity.) of encouraging people who have no business owning a home to enter the market, thereby driving up demand, and along with it, prices.
  6. stop the disastrous policy of forcing banks to make loans to “underserved” people.  This would be the CRA debacle.
  7. stop local governments from encouraging, basically requiring, builders to build larger homes.  Now, why would they do this one is tempted to ask.  Oh come now, the answer is quite simple.  Larger houses come with larger price tags, and larger price tags mean…higher property taxes.  Leviathan is hungry, don’t you know.
  8. let market  forces, you know, actually work.  Right now there’s a huge glut of homes on the market, in economics, this is called a surplus.  Surpluses drive prices down.  Lower prices makes things MORE affordable.  So, on one hand, the administration is pushing programs that help home buyers afford buying a home while at the same time, the administration is working to help prop up home prices, to “stabilize” the market.  The only thing loonier than this is the states’ tobacco tax.  (They pass the tax to pay for smoking related illnesses, and ostensibly to deter smoking.  However they rely on the revenue for a bevy of things and thus NEED people to smoke.  As Homer Simpson says, DOH!!)  On second thought, they’re equal.
  9. and this one is the most important: DON’T BUY A HOUSE YOU CAN’T AFFORD IN THE FIRST PLACE.  If you’re looking at a mortgage payment that’s going to consume more than half your paycheck…

I know, this is a difficult path to affordable housing.  All it requires is the state DO NOTHING.  It also requires people to act responsibly.  But that is something nobody will accept anymore.  I might as well be asking members of the cabinet to pay their taxes.

This is how we become serfs.  When we need the federal government before we can purchase a house, we’re not on the road to serfdom, we’re on the four lane superhighway.

Oh, of course there’s the other issue that needs to be addressed.  Who is going to pay for the affordable housing?  Well, that answer is rather simple in the first place.  The taxpayer, the responsible home owner, the producer and wealth creator.  So, next time there’s a good Super Bowl party going on, crash it, hell, you probably paid for it.


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