Leviathan’s hungry

June 30, 2009
We’ll Need to Raise Taxes Soon

We’ll Need to Raise Taxes Soon

Of course we will.

Today, the U.S. ranks next to last among the 28 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development nations in total federal revenue as a share of GDP. Our federal revenues represent 18% of national output, down from 20% just 10 years ago. That makes the mismatch between our spending and our revenue very large, producing the huge deficits we face.

We all know the recent and bitter history of tax struggles in Washington, let alone Mr. Obama’s pledge to exempt those earning less than $250,000 from higher income taxes. This suggests that, possibly next year, Congress will seriously consider a value-added tax (VAT). A bipartisan deficit reduction commission, structured like the one on Social Security headed by Alan Greenspan in 1982, may be necessary to create sufficient support for a VAT or other new taxes.

This challenge may be the toughest one Mr. Obama faces in his first term. Fortunately, the new president is enormously gifted. That’s important, because it is no longer a matter of whether tax revenues must increase, but how.

“Revenue” has been declining.  Funny, I thought revenue was something businesses earned from selling products.  It is not revenue when money (earned from wealth creation) is forcibly stolen from those who produce it.

The solution is always more theft.  It is never considered is that the wealth producers will stop creating.

Just keep breaking those windows, you will be amazed at the wealth that generates.


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