Who’s running the show here

June 25, 2009

Los Angeles close to agreement with city unions on budget gap

The City Council also approved plans Wednesday to borrow $1.1 billion against future tax revenue – the largest it has ever borrowed in this way – to cover short-term costs.

Does anything more clearly demonstrate the problems California has then this.  The public employee unions are running the show.

Ronald Reagan once said we are a people with a government, not the other way around.  What has happened is that the public employee unions and that state they serve (no they do not serve the people) have become a state with a people.

“The Coalition leadership is recommending this agreement, because it will keep services like libraries and park programs functioning, especially at this time when summer school has been cut and we’re seeing more children than ever,” said Roy Stone, president of the Librarians’ Guild.

“It will mean that libraries can stay open on their regular days to provide summer reading clubs, story time, and other youth programs.”

This is a perfect example of the crowding out effect of the expanding leviathan state.  The more the state does, the less the private sector will do, the more “necessary” are those public services.

The long term impact to liberty is profound.  Young children are being indoctrinated with the idea that so much of their needs are to met by the state.  And any state cuts are a “sacrifice”.  The only sacrifice is made by the taxpayer who is forced to fund this and forgo the enjoyment of their product to the benefit of others.

The public unions are basically holding the public hostage.  Were this was done by a business imagine the outrage.


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