Man does not live by




work alone.

One has to believe that those who are libertarian (and I guess I’ll add conservatives in some sort of manner) are too busy enjoying life, living it to the fullest in Aristotelian or Randian fashion to be consumed with destroying wealth, confiscating and redistributing the wealth of others, or other acts that arise from pure hatred and jealousy.

I’ve never understood the mindset of the left (and they are not liberal in any sense of the word), that seeks destruction of freedom and liberty (just see the MLPA in my state for instance), property rights, and desires control over peoples’ lives.

My guess is that they’ve never experienced this:


pure joy.  I gather they are so consumed by hate and vile they haven’t the capacity to experience happiness.  Since they’re miserable, I gather their goal is the misery of others.

The real reason I’m a libertarian?  I haven’t the desire or inclination to tell anyone anything.  I’m too busy fishing, or planning my next trip.


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